April Zoom Series


90-minute classes. Can be attended live or via recordings anytime.

Thursday Series- April 1, 8, 15, 22 (Greece 7pm, Europe 6pm, UK 5pm, USA EST 12pm, USA PST 9am, Time in Your Location)

Sunday Series-  April 4, 11, 18, 25  (Greece 6pm, Europe 5pm, UK 4pm, USA EST 11am,  USA PST 8am, Time in Your Location)

$120 for 1 series- 4 classes plus 7 days access to the recordings

$200 for 1 series- 4 classes plus downloads of the recordings (yours to keep)

$210 for both series- 8 classes plus 7 days access to the recordings

$350 for both series- 8 classes plus downloads of the recordings (yours to keep)

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My vision for our next series of Zoom sessions is the ‘balance between our practice and daily life’, so that we can begin to see the relevance of how small shifts in our body can help us in relationships, daily activities, and our response to world events. Each class or session has a basic theme, but will include more and expand into whatever evolves in the moment or develops through your personal exploration. Simple meditation and breath awareness will conclude all sessions.
If you have a problem or request and let me know about it in good time before your next class, I shall do my best to include something that may be of help.
May you all be well and happy. I look forward to our April series.
With love and delight
Week 1
Thursday: The Power of Words
An exploration into how certain words may speak to your body better than a technical/anatomical instruction and can then help with issues we are confronted with in life.
Focus: Start with hips and shoulders and let’s see where it goes!
Sunday: The Power of Vision
Physically and emotionally we may respond in a primal and more profound way through  images than through the intellect. Our body memory wakes up and can use an IMAGE to re-find its natural healing process and release old trauma.
Focus: Mainly on the spine (includes the neck).
Week 2
Thursday: Perineum and Pelvis
The body thrives on reconnecting with the Earth as our foundation and stability.
Our ‘Inner Earth’, the pelvic floor, offers us security to own … ‘’being who we are’’ … at any  time and in changing situations.
Focus: Exploring the inner life and power of our pelvic ‘cave’ and how we can respond to life from the pelvis with its roots deep in the earth.
Sunday: Breath, Tail, and Nose
A joyful exploration from tail to nose and a maze of internal channels that allow both energy and the breath to dance creatively through and around us!
Focus: Awakening primal energy to connect body, mind, emotions and spirit through Breath in movement and meditation.
Week: 3
Thursday: Focus and Receiving
Understanding when and how we can balance these two aspects of our breath, action, and thought to find more peace and harmony in our practice and thus our whole life.
Focus: Breath, movement, asana observing the play of Focus and Receiving.
Sunday: Two sides
Meeting our right and left side. An exploration of our relationship with them and how they play out in our daily lives. Most of us favour one side, have been more injured on one side, think and see life more through one side. Like two friends they are and always will be different, but opening communication with and between them makes for a happier ‘inner family life’!
Focus: Listening to what they tell us and following that information into our practice.
Week 4
Thursday: Separation and Connection
We start life as one and then divide into two and ultimately many. Trauma, stress, and fear tend to pull everything back into one and we get ‘messed up’ in many ways! Plants start as a seed and then find the downward and upward direction. From there they spread out into many but always maintaining a ‘oneness’ true to their natural form and growth.  How can Separation be the source and essential help in giving us back our life and freedom to be who we truly are??
Focus: Kidneys and twists, breath, space, and direction.
Sunday: Resistance as a Doorway 
We could not live without it, yet how we meet it and experience it is a way to opening or closing the door to freedom and new beginnings. We shall explore how we can use and enhance our relationship to physical resistance in our practice with the possibility of realizing deeper levels of mental and emotional releasing due to forces of resistance.                                                                                                                   Focus: Meeting resistance with different parts of the body to discover more space and freedom in hidden places.  Connecting our physical responses to where in life this could be of help.

Props: If possible have a ‘squidgy’ ball (7-9 inch inflatable ball like Edushape Sensory, Gertie, mini exercise; not fully inflated so that it is squishy/squidgy),two tennis balls tied tightly in a sock, blanket, bolster, yoga blocks, ordinary chair like for sitting at a table. Blankets or pillows can be substituted for the bolster and blocks.