Reconnecting With The Earth: June Zoom Series


90-minute classes. Can be attended live or via recordings anytime.

Thursday Series- June 10, 17, 24 and July 1 (Greece 7pm, Europe 6pm, UK 5pm,

USA EDT 12pm, USA PDT 9am, Time in Your Location)

Sunday Series- June 13, 20, 27 and July 4 (Greece 6pm, Europe 5pm, UK 4pm,

USA EDT 11am, USA PDT 8am, Time in Your Location)

Ideal to join both series but either can stand alone.

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Reconnecting with the Earth through merging with our Mind-Body channels!

During these four weeks we shall explore how each part of the body has and thrives on its own connection with the Earth and once it clears and functions again, your soul smiles from inside, aware of your true relationship and interconnection with Nature. I am especially interested in the channels that run through our whole body and how by becoming aware of them, we can open up to their earthy connection enabling health and strength to flow and nourish both our organs and places in the body that may have been damaged or depleted. There will be opportunity for open questions and discussions that you may have and can send in to me, so that I ‘hear’ your experience, discoveries, issues, or problems. The classes will then grow out of YOU and out of OUR collective explorations into this fascinating topic!

Week 1
Thurs.     Feet, ankles, roots.
Sun.        Legs, knees, hips

Week 2
Thurs.     Pelvic floor, base chakra, and perineum
Sun.        Sacrum, lower back

Week 3
Thurs.      Spine, internal organs
Sun.         Ribs, lungs, heart

Week 4
Thurs.     Neck, throat, head
Sun.        BREATH and overview of sessions