Roots & Wings (Audio 4-CD Set)


Roots & Wings is drawn from Angela Farmer’s 2009 Retreat for Women at Harbin Hotsprings, California. Each of the four CDs contain a 35-45 minute practice complete with guided meditation, breathwork, and movement. In these artfully interwoven sessions, Angela allows us to experience the dance of our breath, body, and energy in new ways, empowering us to unwind and discover lost parts of ourselves.

Some of the topics included on the CD are: Connecting to the Earth, Receiving Grace, Flowing Back to the Mother, Nourishing the Roots and Opening the Petals, Breath as the Beloved, Toning, The Internal Creature, and Opening the Left and Right Channels.

All the audios have been edited so that the listener can easily follow without needing to see anything. Since Angela’s work is about inner exploration and not a right or wrong way to do a posture, we find this format lends itself ¬†well to the inner journey without needing to look up to see a screen.

These CDs are also available as downloads.


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