The focus of my work is on deepening one’s connection to breath and the body. The breath and body are a gateway to tremendous possibilities of healing and wisdom -- emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Given a small amount of attention and relaxation the body responds with an innate capacity to heal and guide.
My classes and private sessions range from vigorous flowing Vinyasa sequences to simple, gentle movements and postures, passively held restorative poses, or guided relaxation. Whatever the form, I believe in a well rounded practice that includes breath work, thoughtfully sequenced postures, deep relaxation, and meditation. The yoga I teach is accessible to all levels and body types and every effort is made to meet the needs of each student. It is one of my deepest wishes to share the incredible gift of celebration, refuge, healing, and learning that yoga has been to me.
Observing the breath and sensation allows us to come more fully into the present moment, making it possible to see, and work with, habitual patterns of movement and thought. This place of connection and present awareness is also a wellspring of joy that can enrich our lives, on and off the mat.