Easing into the Calm (Downloadable Class)


A special 90 minute Zoom recording designed to give deep rest . . .

“If  you feel the need to just lie down and be guided into deep releases, unwinding tensions, returning to a safe place of comfort, rest and revival deep inside . . . then join me for a SUBTERRANEAN JOURNEY!
I am sharing the essence of my daily journey to that place of rest  and revival that has been and is at the core of my healing and practice.
Some slow deep stretches followed by internal unwinding and releasing into the source of your own remembering!
Of course you can move, stretch, roll or dance . . . as it is YOUR time for whatever emerges, but the emphasis will be on dissolving within ourselves and the mysterious magic that waits to be uncovered . . .”  Angela
You will receive the download instantly upon purchase and in an email. Downloads can be gifted by writing the recepient’s email in the notes at check out, along with a gift message if desired.