A Gift of Life in this Body (9 Downloadable Classes)


Package of 9 Downloadable 90-Minute Classes 

An exploration,
A celebration,
A deep dive….
As we come Back Home.
Meeting pain and blockages like dear old friends 
We shall Breathe and help them express, release, melt
And open us to space, freedom, lightness
And the vital power to be who we are once again,
Filled with the joy of Life in this Body!

One of our favorite series yet . . . filmed in the Olive Grove studio. Every class includes time to breathe, move, explore, meditate, and rest deeply; with particular depth given to healing and living more fully through and in the body, grounding and rooting, the back body, inner and outer freedom, and working with massage balls. Truly a treasure to return to again and again! 



Student Comments from this Series:

~ “What a wealth of treasures!”

~ “I thoroughly enjoyed the series, and found that it landed right at the time for me to increase my mobility in healing the right knee from surgery.  The delightfully gentle yet deep practice served me well.   As I return to my studio practice I find a new openness and capacity to tune into my body and spirit.  As I am facing another knee replacement in October, these classes will allow me to continue with a perfectly paced and well suited opportunity to gently heal and gain strength.  Thanks to all for a very well done series!”

~ “Lovely, lovely space you create and share with us in such a soft and deep way. I can feel the star light. Something to cherish. Deep gratitude.”

~ “I loved everything and I loved the image of the snail, and the release of armor. I love the way you teach everything and I appreciate the safety that you offer to deeply feel, experience, heal and to enjoy.”
~ “As a clinical psychologist I really cherish how you weave so much about one’s sense of self into yoga and the body into your classes. Your words open up all these windows into new emotional spaces along with the physical spaces. I find it really extraordinary and to be exactly what I need right now. Thank you for bring so much light and healing and kindness and fun and movement into my life! I look forward to participating in future zoom series!”
~ “The online sessions have been magical and very beneficial in all aspects of my approach to life.”
~ “Deep gratitude. Deep beautiful work that I take into my daily  life. LOVE”
~ “This was a real gift from beginning to end. Thank you!”
~ “Thank you dear Angela for an eye-opening class! Love the idea of really ‘seeing’ my body.”
~ “Wonderful class on so many levels of experience!”
~ “I loved the class and story, befriending my breath, gives me such peace  and today such a smile. A new friend who has been with me all the way along, and will be  there . . . “