Arriving (Downloadable Zoom Class Recording)


95-Minutes (includes music for extended Savasana)

The first class from the series “Living Fully in Our Bodies”. See description below.

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Are you ready to explore through the body to the soul and how our interactions with what life presents us is all connected?
It is a way to feel more fully alive and present with ourselves.
“Living Fully in our Bodies”  is about waking up inside many little places to cleanse them of inertia and debris and begin to feel the delicious sense of life … flowing like a river that meanders around joints and bubbles up from the depths in often unexpected ways.
Movement evolves spontaneously and tends as Nature does, towards undulation and spirals rather than hard straight lines, but where there is dullness or a sense of being stuck, we shall find how patience and silent presence can also create an awakening.
1st Class:  Arriving in this Body
We talk about ‘arriving in this Life’ as if ‘life is a place’, where all kinds of thing happen . . .  good experiences, challenging and informative lessons, as well as terrible experiences that we must  learn to deal with and navigate in order to survive. Whereas, in fact it is this body that feels, responds, and provides us with those experiences and creates what we call Life. So, first let’s stop, look around inside, find our bearings, and explore this place that we have arrived in.