Breath, the Beloved (1 or 4 Downloadable Classes)


90-Minute Downloadable Zoom Class Recordings (1 or 4 Classes)

Choose either the first class (“Meeting the Breath”) or all four classes of the series.

“Explore the tremendous beauty, power, and healing potential of the breath. We will slow down in wonder and meet the breath . . . both in stillness and movement . . . visiting weakened or traumatized areas to find back their true power and healing, and discover how we can become more fully ‘alive’.” 

An incredible opportunity to deeply experience Angela’s unique approach to the breath!

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“From the moment we are born and until death, we are in a constant and intimate relationship with our breath. Much of the time we are unaware of this most precious gift, yet the manner in which we receive and respond to it affects our whole life.
The concept of receiving the breath as an honored guest or beloved friend can deepen our relationship into an ever unfolding dance of beauty and love, bringing more light and understanding back into our lives.
Wherever we bring full awareness to the body, our breath goes with us, helping to undo tight muscles and tension, releasing and clearing stuck or fearful holding patterns, and thus creating freedom to move and function more as we were designed to do. We shall explore ways through intuitive movement to open up inner space, empowering and creating a safe place to return to inside.
The breath is alive and eager to meet us in ever more subtle ways. There may come a time in deep Savasana where you no longer feel your physical boundaries, as body and breath have absorbed each other . . . flowing together like a river into the light!”