Focus and Receiving (Downloadable Zoom Class Recording)


An exceptional class on understanding when and how we can balance these two aspects (focus and receiving) of our breath, action, and thought to find more peace and harmony in our practice and thus our whole life.
In Angela’s words- “A quiet session focussing on breath and finding ways to soften into ‘receiving’ … so that we can drop deeper into a pose or stretch, or even Savasana (resting pose). This allows us to uncover the source of a pain or discomfort and be present with its process of unwinding and opening. With new found inner space, our focus and direction come into play with Prana (Breath energy) to expand and act with clarity. It may be possible to observe both the micro garden unfolding within a small place at the same time as observing the whole body-energy experience …. Beauty often emerges through pain and release.”
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