Lighting Up The Hidden Corners- Open Heart, Grounded in Love (Downloadable Zoom Class Recording)


90-minute downloadable Zoom recording

“Let’s move and roll and flow back into our happy state of love and life . . . connecting with all beings, filled with the simple joy of feeling alive!
Anxiety and fear closes us in a tight body. It is time to let the poisons drain out and open to space and life! Let’s make it a part of our practice?
Have a chair, two blocks, a bolster, squidgy ball, blanket and your big heart ready as we loosen up on the mat, ease out the neck and many other places, then a few stretches leading to wide-angle sitting and front bend (Upavistha-Konasana) or something like that . . . all with love and the number one person to love being yourself.
We’ll finish with relaxation . . . wrapped in our forever faithful Lover . . . the breath.” – Angela

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