Space: Living In and Beyond This Body (Downloadable Class)


90-Minute Downloadable Class

“When we dare to release places that seem physically stuck, emotionally bound or mentally restricted … we uncover a whole new landscape within and catch a glimpse of ‘who we are‘ beyond this body!” ~Angela

A perfect introductory class for those new to this approach, as well as those looking to deepen their understanding and experience.

The focus of the class is to “invite ‘space’ to be a more intimate part of our practice and our life, thus empowering our bodies from the inside and expanding our awareness outwards . . . exploring how  to release what no longer serves and be more open to receive an abundance of beauty, joy and love. By creating a personal practice that is in harmony with our unique needs and how we feel each day, windows and doors begin to open, the body then softens and once in a while we are reunited with infinite space, freedom, and light . . . The further we go inside, the more open we are to the space around us.” ~Angela
You will receive the link to download/stream instantly upon purchase and in an email. Classes can be gifted by writing the recipient’s email in the notes at check out, along with a gift message if desired.


Feedback from students:

“The class was heavenly. My yoga/body prayers were answered. Could be my all time favorite zoom class.”
“I’m so glad I came, it was so good !! And helpful. I just felt like I’d come home & my body was a safe and lovely place to be. I’m so grateful.”
“That class just flowed like a lovely river- So subtle and gentle, but in the end the power just seeped in- all that slug energy force, your voice was magical.
Every dull cell in my body came alive. Love you. We are so lucky you are sharing your light!”
“i am so happy to found the way to your online Sessions! For so long i wished to be able to enjoy your classes. Thank you for imparting your infinite knowledge of Yoga in such a diverse, loving and free way. I enjoy every second of my inquisitive exploration through my body and my breath.”
“The class was so deep and subtle. I felt so spacious, grounded, and open after.”
“I was able to unwind so much, release tension and worries, and return to a feeling of my true self. After a very stressful time in my life, I am so grateful to be reminded how to access this place of peace and inner knowing.”
“That was WONDERFUL!. So much space! All my bones were crackling as they released.”