Spring Zoom Series (3 or 6 Downloadable Classes)


3 or 6 90-Minute  Zoom Classes to Explore and Unwind

There is no end to the layers of self-defense, anxiety, fear, and holding that we can release from our bodies, allowing space and freedom to breathe more fully. 
We meet ourselves then fully in the present …how wonderful is that!!
Let’s continue together on this journey with awareness on how form and spirit, body and emotion weave together for truth, peace and harmony.
Every class  includes time to breathe, move, discover, meditate, and rest deeply.
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Here in Eftalou Valley Spring energy is vibrant  and each morning I am out bare-foot in the grass with the cats, the sunshine and wonderful damp earth.

On Sunday we shall travel down into our feet, to feel their earthiness and explore how to really ‘live’ inside them and enjoy the sensation of mobility and aliveness, the different character of Left and Right, how we relate to them and how they can hold and heal so many parts of us when we fully acknowledge them. With walking, bouncing and slowly rising and descending we awaken the joy and energy that they can bring to the day. We finish with relaxation and sensing the breath right down into our toes and more!
Depending on time we may move up into the base chakra and pelvic floor or save that for Tuesday!  My hope is to meet a different part of the body in each session so it would be wonderful IF you are able to join both days, as there are only three weeks this time and then you will have traveled through the whole body!!   If not possible… don’t  worry there will be plenty to take away for your practice!!Until then….and if  you can find time……slip off your shoes to stand or walk bare-foot on the earth, preferably in the morning dew, when the grass is deliciously cool and wet.  You are absorbing Earth’s energy and it will change your day!!
With love and  peace