The Base Chakra (Audio CD)


In this profound 80 minute session, Angela guides us in an exploration of our base, its physical, energetic, and emotional dimensions. Through simple movements, meditations, and somatic explorations, Angela offers her unique form of inner body yoga. She invites us to experience our sacred geometry, grounding into the earth, opening to the above, and meeting the deepest parts of ourselves. Delving deeply into the concept of the base chakra, Angela guides us on an embodied exploration of who we are, recovering lost or damaged parts of ourselves to return more whole.

In Angela’s words, “Our tendency is always to come up. Ideally we are a perfect channel, but since we tend to leave the earth and go up, we need to give more attention to the base. What it does is bring about a state of peace and internal silence. When you contract, it brings energy up. When you want to return to yourself, go down.”

All of Angela’s audio offerings have been edited so that the listener can easily follow without needing to see anything. Since Angela’s work is about inner exploration and not a right or wrong way to do a posture, we find this format lends itself well to the inner journey without needing to look up to see a screen.

This CD is also available as a download.