The Light That Hides In Darkness (4 Downloadable Zoom Class Recordings + Audio Recording of the Myth of Inanna)


“If we ignore our inner underworld, as is happening now in our human world, everything gets worse. People are waking up to what is happening in our human underworld and seeing the danger of ignoring the suffering and pain that too many people have because the upper world has become too powerful, too controlling. Every time we attend to our own inner underworld, we have the energy and insight for how we can put a little dew drop on a small part of the planet’s underworld, the human underworld, and that helps us to feel more whole, more powerful, more clear. But we can only do this when we have done it inside ourselves; allowed ourselves to meet something that feels like a pain but turns out it’s a holding over, an emotional fear, anxiety, memory that we are now ready to meet.”   –Angela

Using the Sumerian myth of Inanna’s decent into the underworld as a guide, Angela takes us on a journey into our own underworld to uncover parts of ourselves that hid in terror, or got lost and forgotten. What evolves from this exploration invariably brings us to a sense of wholeness and presence in our lives. 4 1-hour and 45-minute Zoom video recordings + 18-minute audio recording of Angela telling the myth of Inanna. 

“I believe that in meeting ourselves authentically and powerfully as we move through, open up, and clear out debris of the past, we come to the essence of a yoga practice. The myth of Inanna changed my whole approach to Yoga forever and is still at the core of my life, reminding me that the only ‘way up’ is ‘down’ and the ‘way out’ comes from way back inside. 

The presence of being with our darkness allows the overwhelming power of grief, sadness, helplessness, and pain to subside and we rise to the space and light within and beyond us. The physical meeting of painful, blocked, or tight holding patterns in the body is a cleaning and clearing process . . . a preparation for Healing and returning to the original cause of the problem.

As we touch into and wait, listen, feel, release, and then go a bit further, a tad deeper, layers of muscle dissolve and little by little give way to what lies beneath. When we trust our wise and wonderful ‘body-mind’, it can gradually unwind many layers . . . like dreams . . . until the one that is needed comes to light and presents itself. The more often we make this journey, the more reveals itself and we return each time feeling more whole. 

 The Inanna Myth came at a time when the Feminine was fading in the light of an emerging masculine God and all that that brought with it . . . some good for sure, but as we see now has led to the devastation of our ‘Mother’. . . the Earth, Nature, and life on this planet. Engraved on stone and lost in the rubble of destruction and war, the myth waited thousands of years to re-emerge. It is here now to guide us back to our source, to a healing and realization of who we truly are.”   -Angela