Uncovering Your Own Inner World (4 Audio Downloads)


Audio Downloads (4 80-minute sessions)

Distilled from Angela’s 2014 women’s retreat in Lesvos, Greece, each session takes the listener on a journey into their inner world through easy-to-follow movements and meditations. With four complete practices, Angela offers a somatic experience of connecting with and exploring our inner world; communicating with and recovering lost, traumatized, or injured parts of ourselves; empowering ourselves from the inside — physically, energetically, and emotionally; the power of myths to express and guide us on our inner journey; receiving the breath as the beloved; relating to and learning from the earth and nature; rediscovering the primordial wave; unwinding, letting go of doing and the fore-brain, and moving and living from a more authentic source; and re-finding our roots and back body.

All the audios have been edited so that the listener can easily follow without needing to see anything. Since Angela’s work is about inner exploration and not a right or wrong way to do a posture, we find this format lends itself ¬†well to the inner journey without needing to look up to see a screen.

Upon checkout you will receive the link to download. This audio is also available as physical CDs.

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