Unfolding Fresh New Life, Deep Peace, and Joy (2 Downloadable Classes)


2 90-Minute Classes

“My vision for our next Zoom sessions is all about how and where to let go,
so that with breath and presence we fill the spaces that we have created in this body
with a sense of life and power, connecting us to our own true nature and the joy of Spring.

Unfolding is not without its struggle . . . witness a butterfly emerging from its cocoon!
But once free, we are open to receive the gifts of sensation and experience.
We then continue with unfolding and stretching.

Small, intricate movements are very powerful and can help release tight places and a flow of energy throughout your body so that once you come to rest, the very center of your inner world exudes a quiet joy and happiness . . . even if all around is weird and crazy!”

You will receive the links to download/stream instantly upon purchase and in an email. Classes can be gifted by writing the recipient’s email in the notes at check out, along with a gift message if desired.