Separation and Connection (Downloadable Zoom Class Recording)


We start life as one and then divide into two and ultimately many.  Trauma, stress, and fear tend to pull everything back into one and we get ‘messed up’ in many ways! Plants start as a seed and then find the downward and upward direction. From there they spread out into many but always maintaining a ‘oneness’ true to their natural form and growth.  How can Separation be the source and essential help in giving us back our life and freedom to be who we truly are??

Starting with experiences that are familiar in the body such as issues of pain, discomfort, holding or blockages, we open an opportunity for healing, ways to connect the physical with how we live our emotional and spiritual life. We may find ways to gradually reverse attitude and difficult situations in life, by simply unwinding old and habitual body tension.
Focus: Kidneys and twists, breath, space, and direction.

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